Mergers & Acquisitons

Mergers and Acquisition

Mergers and acquisition – often shortened M&A –  cover consolidation of two or more firms and purchasing another companies throughout various types of financial transactions. Acquisition describes processes that includes taking over an entity by another company. In this case the target company ceases to exist, so the overtaking company absorbs the target business. In the case of merger two approximately equal entities join forces and establish a new entity. Acquisition and merger are two different terms with distinct legal consequence but both have more variations.

It’s crystal clear that merger and acquisition are related to law by thousand threads. In order to maintain the transparency and safety of the market, consolidation questions are explicitly regulated however a couple of issues are left to the specifying of entities.

Our team using our extensive experience assists all types of mergers and acquisitions providing permanent legal representation handing our clients throughout all stages of transactions. We aim to reach the best possible solution to our clients including creative, individualized and cost-effective consequences even in domestic and cross-border deals.