Business Law

Business law

Running a business propounds several law related questions. Without the aid of a qualified team navigating in business law matters can be brain-racker to companies. Business law includes more areas of practise namely commercial law, corporate and securities law, intellectual property law, labour and employment law, tax law, real estate law as well as international business law.

Businesses need comprehensive and affordable legal services during their operation. Our team offer a wide variety of legal services for businesses of all size. As a result of our multiannual experience we provide professional assessment in the field of business law customized to the expectations and needs of our customers.

Outsourcing legal services are more and more approved by businesses in view of the fact that they are more cost-effective than maintaining a whole legal department indoors. Our complex legal service includes assisting companies and other entities establishment, drafting and negotiating agreements, handling unpaid invoices, assisting business law related dispute resolutions and other legal services.