Elena Grecu
attorney at law

Member of the Bucharest Bar and the National Union of Romanian Bars since 2003, attorney at law Elena Grecu graduated with two master’s degrees, one in business law and one in intellectual property, the latter being organized by the World Academy of Intellectual Property.

With relevant experience in the field of intellectual property law and commercial law, she also became an industrial property advisor in 2004 and a European industrial property advisor in 2007.

Elena Grecu is now focusing on the strategy on complex issues of intellectual property law, commercial law and advertising law, as well as focusing on advising in these areas and negotiating in the interests of the company’s clients.

As a GDPR compliance consultant, Elena Grecu assists her clients in the procedure for complying with the provisions of Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR).

Elena Grecu has written numerous articles and published the following books: “Community Trademarks”, “Guide to Contracts for Entrepreneurs”, “How to communicate legally or the right to advertise” and “Good GDPR practices”.