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Our European Legal Network provides a comprehensive economic and civil law service for businesses throughout Europe. Proficiency expressed in numbers: more than 20 years of work-experience, 15 years of legal education and research and 20 cooperative partners. Should you require a professional legal team to manage your business’ legal issues, who has thorough knowledge and practice in the different European jurisdictions, or we may be of any further assistance in legal matters especially with respect to the establishment, operation and development of your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Business Law

Running a business propounds several law related questions. Without the aid of a qualified team navigating in business law matters can be brain-racker to companies. Business law includes more areas of practise namely commercial law, corporate and securities law, intellectual property law, etc.


Civil Litigation

Civil procedure is sometimes the only solution to resolve a dispute as not every disagreement can be solved amicably. Civil litigation is a term, that illustrate lawyer court work in non-criminal proceedings, it embraces pre- and port-trial procedures as well as representations made in court.


It & New Technologies

IT and technology issues are huge part in everyday life, businesses aren’t exceptions, they must manage growing and unprecedented technology impact. Continuous innovation is crucial for companies as they can take full advantage of new opportunities and challenges.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisition – often shortened M&A –  cover consolidation of two or more firms and purchasing another companies throughout various types of financial transactions. Acquisition describes processes that includes taking over an entity by another company.